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Capcom Confidential: The Dev 1 Podcast

Dec 10, 2018

Reuben Langdon, actor and mocap and stunt expert, joins Pete and Matt in this special episode. He takes us through his journey from game and pop culture fandom and into his participation in action films and games. Many of you will know him as the voice and mocap actor for Dante in the DMC series. It's an episode you...

Nov 26, 2018

Global Investor Relations and PR Specialist, Dan Levine joins Matt and Pete to discuss an often unmentioned role in game publishing. We hear his story spanning from his East Coast college roots to college in Hawaii to traveling to Japan and then ultimately earning an MBA. Afterwards he gets a job in gaming, breaks into...

Nov 12, 2018

This week Pete and Matt are joined by two Spanish Localization Specialists - Manuel Trillo and Alberto Paque! Hear how their stories brought them across continents, and finally intertwined in Tokyo. In my heart I feel fire, Fuego!

Oct 30, 2018

Matt and Pete speak with Andrew Weil, Project Manager at Capcom. Andrew can't escape his "Otaku-ness", and his desire to learn Japanese and the country's pop culture brings him to Japan and ultimately to Capcom. Maki makes an appearance and regales us with more of her memoirs.

Oct 13, 2018

The under-the-weather duo of Pete and Matt interview Capcom AI Programmer, Gus Martin. Traveling from his home in Brazil, his industry journey took him from South America to Europe to North America and finally to Asia. They even discover the secret connection between coding and what it can teach us about success...